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The GSA Foundation Testing section offers a complete range of pile integrity testing solutions to suit the information required by our client.

A foundation is the base on which a building or a structure rests and its purpose is to safely transfer the entire load to a suitable subsoil. In modern era of civil engineering where gigantic and heavy structures are built, piles are first choice to provide rigid base and stability to these structures.

However, methods of installation of drilled shaft give rise to concern among engineers regarding the structural integrity of the shafts. Therefore, many engineers are willing to accept these foundations provided that adequate inspection and integrity verification testing are performed.

GSA has been at the forefront of introducing new and innovative NDT techniques to the construction industry. GSA was the first company to provide pile integrity testing in Pakistan. With more than 8 years of experience in the execution and interpretation of most modern and recently developed technique of pile testing, brief of the techniques are as follows:


A non-destructive method, SIT is a simple mean to help in detecting major discontinuities or faults within a pile foundation. This Low Strain Testing has two procedures:

- Pulse Echo Testing
- Transient Dynamic Response Testing 

SIT/PIT is useful in detecting early integrity problems. It provides quick and inexpensive results compared to core drilling, inspection by excavation, and load tests, which are time-consuming and costly. Pile response is displayed immediately 

on screen and can be printed or stored on hard disk for further analysis. Its procedures are standardized by ASTM D-5882-00, Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Foundations by low strain method.

The main advantages of SIT are:

    - First line quality assurance against major faults

    - Number of piles can be tested in a single day

    - Testing on any accessible pile 

    - Defects discovered at an early stage

    - Quick and economical compared to other methods


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